There are some people who live a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there arethose who turn one into the other. 1988 - it was the year that was the dawn of a vision of excellence. That vision was”Vinita Synthetic Industries Pvt. Ltd.tm, The brainchild of Gadia family,which has been connected with textile for Generations.

Success is sought by many, attained by few.Today we are manufacturing more than and three’million meters of suiting and shining per annum, at our state of the art manufacturnig unitat Boisar which is equipped with modem Suzler Looms and is managed by qualified and experienced team. The company has established a niche market for its textiles products in India.


The company made its foray in to the manufacture and the export of the bottom wear in the year of 2000. The objective’s were well defined for the team i.e. ‘To make quality product and ensure customer satisfaction, as a result the product are present inside the popular malls through out the U.A.E., Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and in India.

Every garment that one wears, carries with it a story of conception, design and creation. The company has been continuously innovating and getting out new styles, cuts and fabric to the market with a team of dedicated designers and merchandisers wh9pre not only extremely aware of the latest trends in the ready made garment market internationally but also experiment a deal on new styles and accessones and to support their ideas we use state of the ant technology by skilled and experienced people to ensure a high quality product.